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You demand 110% from yourself in everything you do.  Your gym shouldn’t expect any less.
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KRX Fitness isn’t your average gym. What you see is what you get, and what you get isn’t a guilt-free pass to watch TV as you cruise away on the elliptical. Instead, the purposeful lack of stationary equipment makes way for tires, ropes, kettlebells, and most importantly, MOVEMENT. In this open space, the message comes through loud and clear: slacking off isn’t an option. So be prepared to kick up your fitness in an elite athletic conditioning studio located in the heart of downtown Ottawa.

All KRX Fitness programs are specifically designed to get your body moving and keep it guessing and improving. With a calculated mix of short, high intensity intervals of strength, cardio, and plyometrics, you’ll be beating your plateau and activating your muscle tissue to burn fat even after you’re back in your office chair or in your car on the way home. The benefits of athletic conditioning translate to all aspects of you life. Put in the effort, push your limit, and have a lean, defined, strong body to show for it. Are you ready?

KRX Fitness Community

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