The KRX Fit Club membership gives you access to the widest variety of training seven days/week. From Boot Camp to Yoga and Boxing you get it all!


Are you really getting the most out of your fitness routine? If you get bored while working out, chances are, so does your body. So kick up your fitness and keep your muscles guessing and improving. Get moving, get your heart rate up and push your limit.

The KRX Boot Camp is designed to get your body up to speed to reduce risk and increase results.

During our suggested three-month initial training, you will push your body further than you would normally do so in the gym alone. Kettlebells. Burpees. Pushups. Situps. You name it, chances are you’ll be doing it! Thanks to a non-stop mix of high intensity athletic conditioning, the KRX Boot Camp will have you losing body fat, increasing cardiovascular efficiency, and increasing strength in no time.

And since all KRX programs are designed to keep your body guessing, Boot Camp will remain a challenging and integral part of your training regimen.


Group doing ring rows in ripped classA full body workout focused on muscle conditioning, resistance and isolation training. RIPPED is guaranteed to tighten, tone and sculpt your entire body using barbells, free weights, resistance bands and more. But, don’t let the “NO CARDIO” fool you, by the end of RIPPED your heart rate will be high and muscles on fire ready to rip out of your skin!

Friday Mash Up!

This 45 min workout will bring you the best of the week with a mix of all your favourite classes. Each workout will have a dynamic and challenging mix of some of the following elements cardio drills – speed and endurance, strength and isolation training, intervals, plyometrics, boxing drills and more!
*This workout is being run on a trial basis – to confirm your spot please email or sign up at the studio by Thursdays at noon. The workout will run each week with a minimum of four participants.

For a FREE two-session TRIAL email