The HIIT program embodies the KRX method. It’s the ultimate mix of non-stop high intensity intervals that will have you pushing your limit as you work your way through each new and unexpected interval.

From ropes to burpees, to bikes and rowers, plus everything in between, HIIT classes will be the quickest and hardest 20 minutes of your week. We did say that slacking off isn’t an option…

In fact, KRX trainers will have you running at 90 to 95 percent of your maximum heart rate every second of the class. It’s where you’ll reach your anaerobic threshold and tap into your fat storage to fuel your lean muscle tissue. Keeping your heart rate up will also guarantee your body will keep burning calories as you relax back to your resting heart rate, whether you’re settling back into your office chair on enduring the car drive home.

Airdyne Bike during HIIT ClassSo make the most of the free time in that busy schedule of yours — HIIT up KRX Fitness and enjoy the boost of endorphins all day long!

We recommend members do at least 3 months of our KRX Boot Camp to build up your cardio capacity and strength before starting the HIIT program.